Questioning Online Learning

As the world’s educators move to online and blended learning models, it may be a good idea to pause for a moment and critically think about a few questions around online learning. One of the greatest misconceptions around online learning is that we can superimpose 19th century teaching strategies on top of 21st century digital […]

Delightful Language Resources

As language teachers we have the most fantastic array of digital tools and resources available for every part of the curriculum. I’ve listed a few but there are literally hundreds of thousands I haven’t listed. Use the comment feature below to add to this list and we can build up a resource for everyone to […]

Prepping for the long haul & preventing teacher burn-out

Prepping for the long haul & preventing teacher burn-out Teaching and learning around the world is rapidly transforming to online and distance learning models. Never before has teaching and learning seen such a quick and rapid change as in the past few weeks. Teachers, who have taught in traditional face-to-face settings, are quickly adapted to digital […]