Meet Limina
Our Vision, Values & Team

Our Vision

We create courses as learning experiences to open education opportunities for all, and inspire home-grown innovation. Our agile, collaborative and co-design course-development process brings all stakeholders together to develop contextually relevant and immediately implementable courses that engage, enamour and inspire life-long learning, engagement and ultimately significantly higher completion rates.

Our core values

Our values reflect who we are, how we engage with our people and clients and guide our decision-making as an organization.


Play is active, engaging and fun. Like the best form of learning. We believe that learning should imitate play: active, engaging and fun!


When we’re creating, we’re actively finding or inventing solutions, evaluating and analyzing, and growing our potential to be more creative. We believe we exponentially improve all creations when this is a collaborative co-creative process.


Learning is a process, a journey made of many big and small events. We learn in many different ways, but most often, we learn best when we are invested, motivated and in control.

Innovate Change

Our world desperately needs more innovators, tinkers and thinkers to solve the many local and global challenges. If we want to bring about change in the world, we need to nurture each individual’s potential to innovate contextually embedded solutions.

our purpose

In Africa, we do things our own way. We sing, we dance, we enjoy life and we overcome tremendous challenges with the most inspiring innovations. Africa is written in our hearts and beats its drum in all we do. Listening to our African drumbeat, we at Limina germinate and nurture home-grown practical solutions for the challenges across our continent. We LIVE innovation and BREATHE creativity!

At Limina we believe we grow our future from the creativity and innovation fostered in classrooms. To foster creativity in the classroom, we need to nurture this in teachers. So we reinvented professional development to focus on nurturing creativity and innovation with EdTechs in the classroom, in the office and in non-education related spaces. 

Our Team

Our Limina team LOVES what we do! We live, eat and sleep innovation and ingenuity.
Our favourite space is the
cutting edge of education – but above all, our favourite place is Africa!

Limina inspires, grows and nurtures all players in the field of education to be better than they were yesterday, and to excel and build the future we want for Africa, for our learners, students and our communities!

On staff, we have qualified Instructional Designers, Graphic Designers, Videographers, a IT Specialist and Course Managers.

Work samples

All courses are designed according to the client’s course briefs and specifications.

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Integrating Technology into Teaching and Learning (ITTL) is aimed at lecturers at TTCs to support them in the integration of technology into their teaching and learning practice. 

This course was co-created by representatives of the Malawian Ministry of Education, the Malawian Institute of Education, lecturers and principals of TTCs, supported by GIZ and international consultancy by GOPA Worldwide consultants and common sense – eLearning & training consultants. 

Integrating Mobile Technologies in Teaching and Learning is aimed at teachers to support different ways how to use a mobile phone for teaching and learning. Exciting and innovative strategies to integrate educational technologies (EdTechs) to support and transform learning using a mobile phone or computer.

This course was commissioned and created by Limina Educational Services.

The Course in Assessing Research Excellence(CARE) provides users with a self-paced virtual learning experience to capacitate national Science Granting Council members to assess research excellence specifically the research within their national portfolios.

Generally, the course is presented around the world by the IDRC and other users as a face-to-face course and has now been adapted for online learning.