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Play - Create - Innovate Change

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Our Mission

Limina is on a mission to grow the future we want by investing and growing creativity and innovation in education using our unique ePlay MakerSpace process. Limina provides professional development courses to teachers, school leaders, district and department of education officials, and role players in the field of education. Our playful make-and-create courses let participants learn how to integrate EdTechs into their classrooms, offices or training sessions through hands-on doing, playing and making. Limina’s committed team of trainers, developers and project managers lead the way to a digital learning revolution with practical, contextually relevant and immediately implementable EdTech integration courses.

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Our Impact

Our Liminaire team LOVES what we do! We live, eat and sleep innovation and ingenuity. Our favourite space is the cutting edge of education – but above all, our favourite place is Africa! The wide open hearts and the huge expectations of all our experienced and aspiring teachers, the dreams and visions of a better future of our leaders, and the ambitions and drive of our district officials.

Limina inspires, grows and nurtures all players in the field of education to be better than they were yesterday, and to excel and build the future we want for Africa, for our learners, students and our communities!

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Growing the future by investing in educators


Our Programs

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So learning is supposed to be fun and exciting, right? Well, for learners anyways. Teachers end up with dull and boring, right? Wrong!

Limina courses make learning super exciting! Sweep away dull and boring and bring in energizing, playful and making. Come MAKE teaching and admin tools in our MakerSpace, or Play with ideas and new pedagogies in our ePlay process!

Our product range of short courses are designed and developed to address the specific needs of those in education:

●       Teachers

●       District officials

●       Higher education practitioners

●       Pre-service teaching students

Take a tour of our different product ranges to see how you too can be part of the education revolution!



Friends of Limina


Director: Isabel Tarling


Isabel Tarling is an ICT Integration specialist, holds a PhD in Education Technologies and Teacher Professional Development, and is director of Limina’s learning design division. She has extensive experience in working with teachers from all phases, subjects and backgrounds. Isabel passionately believes that empowering teachers to create and innovate with technologies, and to plan and manage change, is the key to transforming teaching and learning. As an author, she is widely published and her research on teacher change is included in the national Professional Development Framework for Digital Learning.

Chief Operations Officer: Melanie Novitzkas


Melanie holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of South Africa, is skilled at communicating with a wide variety of people and managing diverse project elements. Her strengths lie in her creative and innovative approach to find solutions to challenges, time management and maintaining open lines of communication between all stakeholders. Melanie successfully and professionally managed a range of projects in the NGO sector before joining Limina. She founded and managed Bosom Buddies for a period of 5 years, and was involved in numerous projects at Bright Lights, a shelter for abandoned children in Somerset West. Mel is the chief at Limina. She oversees and manages all our projects, manages the various online, face-to-face and blended professional development course and material designs and development, and the day-to-day operations in the office.

Designer: Issy van Zyl


Issy van Zyl is a talented layout artist. She combines her customised illustrations and graphics with typesetting and design to produce visually appealing and highly accessible texts. Her ability to respond to different design genres and styles ensures that her work hits the mark each time. During her almost 20 year career, she has developed an excellent eye for detail that ensures a great final design product with tidy, crisp layouts. Her skill as an illustrator greatly enhances layouts and provides Limina’s clients with the added benefit of having an illustrator, layout artist and typesetter in one. Issy combines the use of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign software to manipulate visual elements for a polished end result. From the Adobe Creative Design Suite she provides Limina’s clients with print ready files for print production or web use. Where necessary, she can provide these same services in the Microsoft Office Suite (MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel).